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2008 UMG Warehouse Fire


I was reading parts of the rambling New York Times Magazine article about the 2008 Universal Studios backlot fire. It took out Universal Music Group’s west coast archive.

Really heart-breaking. A huge number of original masters destroyed.

I’ve noticed there have been less of those extended releases since then.

Universal Music Group had an oddly worded denial. “...never affected the availability of the commercially released music nor impacted artists’ compensation”

Kinda missed the point.



So...the horses that were outside the barn at the time weren't hurt. Duh.

How many words must be used to explain the perfectly obvious?


To say that it's a bummer is a gross understatement. The entire west coast inventory lost, man that's sad!


Yes, that news broke big yesterday. So much great stuff gone --


i saw this on Twitter. i am not exaggerating when i say that the loss of the Chess masters alone breaks my heart. it's like the burning of the Library of Alexandria.


You would think that that kind of stuff would hold a higher respect than being kept in a barn with no fireproofing or sprinklers. That's the biggest shame.

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