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1962 Earls Court Motor Show- One for Ade


There at 3:15 is the Saab Sonnet! And note the arrival of Japanese cars as well as ever-stronger Continental models. For some daft reason, I really liked those Rootes Arrow (Hillman Hunter/Singer Vogue/Humber Sceptre) models too.


It was parked on the street and certainly was attracting attention. I had to wait awhile to get a picture without onlookers.

The other day there was a very clean old Citroën 2CV parked at the grocery store. Probably not at all interesting to many Europeans, but a pretty uncommon sight here. Like seemingly everybody else, I stopped to have a peek. I noticed an older guy standing on the sidewalk when I went in and he was still there when I came out 20 minutes later. He didn't have any groceries and I'm betting he was the owner and just occasionally takes it to a busy location and takes in the attention it draws. Which I thought was nice - deriving joy from watching others enjoy something you enjoy.


Yeah, we do the same with our ‘26 Model T


I used to love driving my '66 Mustang around but it kept getting vandalized. Too many jerks these days.


A buddy scrimped and saved to buy a Vette. He'd park it at the far end of a parking lot just to avoid damage. He'd often come back to find someone had "keyed" it. The "If I can't have anything nice neither should you" mentality is unbelievable. Some people just want to watch the world burn.


Metman thanks for posting 1966 Earls Court Motor Show film That was the first EC Motor show that I attended. I drove the 195 miles in my minivan, parked outside EC (no traffic wardens or parking meters then) and had a fabulous day before driving home again. No matter how many times I watch it I cannot see myself in any background shots. I was there on the press day..don't know how I got the ticket! I remember watching the filming and talking to Brian Rix afterwards. I was always drawn to the cars of that era and there were some beauties that I would have loved to take home with me and still would given the chance. I have a 1970 Jaguar 420G incidentally metman the singer in the group I played lead guitar in 1964 had a Austin Metropoltan the same colour as yours but with the hard top. I was a pain trying to put equipment into the boot, as any 'politan owner knows.!


Davedee- How amazing and coincidental that you were at the 1966 EC show!
A 1970 Jaguar 420G is a very cool car! Classic styling. That's funny your singer had an old Austin Metropolitan! Yes, fitting anything into these cars is a challenge, especially the earlier models that had no boot lid! You had to drop the rear seat back to access on those.

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