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110 years ago


Leo Fender was born. I love his legacy, He was 2 months older than my father, but somehow of a different time.


I find the Leo Fender story fascinating, his designs were revolutionary, and are still mostly unchanged since 1960. Of course they've tweeked things a bit, but a Tele is still a Tele, a Strat is still a Strat, and the basses (both the Precision and the Jazz bass) are still pretty much the same. It's hard to make any of them better than they were. Happy birthday to Leo Fender, I appreciate your contributions to music world.

Leo was prolific long after he sold his company to CBS. He had contracted a streptococcus sinus infection, and sold the company, in 1965, due to his failing health. He was finally cured, in 1971 and got right back into things with Musicman and G&L guitars. We owe Leo a debt of gratitude for developing and manufacturing some of the world's most beloved and successful musical instruments and amplifiers.


I just read “The Birth of Loud”. I came away with even more respect for Leo (and just a wee tad less for Les Paul). Do yourself a favor and find this wonderful book.


Thanks Bob, I just ordered it!


And Bob, I'm 1/3 of the way through it - can't believe I've never read it before. A great telling of a story I thought I knew, but didn't quite.


One guy who my have had a greater impact on popular music than anyone else.


Like they said he got it right the first time. It's really amazing how the Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Mustang were all done right the first time. Some may say the Jag and JM bridge was not right and the Mustang was, but I disagree. All the Super Strat and Heavy Metal variations aren't an indication of his designs not being right the first time, just some play different music, but for the most part his designs were spot on. What a genius.

I recall when he died there was a big ad in the paper, not sure if it was the LA Times, but I think it was and it was a tribute to him. Showed him on his yacht.

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