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Young winner - and a gal too! - playing her first place prize, a Gr…


Just ran across this and though it worth acknowledging a new fingerpicking winner playing her first place prize, a new Gretsch Electomatic, in Fairlane Blue.


Go Bella go!

The guitar sure has a nice throaty tone.


Here's one with our pal Joe doing the honors...


This is seemingly her favorite guitar. Wonder what she'll do with the blue one she one?


She sounds great!!!

I just "discovered" the 5420... and now it's on the radar. I own a Proline (Hot Rod), but the Fairlaine Blue and, as Proteus describes it- "throatiness"- of that guitar, has me gassing....

I love Brian Setzer, love his tone, that's why I bought the Hot Rod, but with years of hindsight now, I don't think I'm a trestle bracing guy, and want something throatier.


As a big fan of all things Chet Atkins style , I've been following Bella Speelman's playing since I first found her on YouTube. She's very talented. Another great young Gretsch Chet-style picker you may also like is Katelyn Prieboy.


The changing demographics of guitar players? Great videos.


The G5420T has impressed the hell out of me. As well, that fairlane blue is stunning. I can't say enough about how Gretsch really knocked it out of the park with this one. Great job, Bella!

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