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WOW!! Luca Stricagnoli (Incredible)!!


I never heard of Luca Stricagnoli until today.... Unbelievable!

Many guitarists are good, some are excellent. A few can be considered geniuses or virtuosos. Once in a very long while one finds a guitarist who demonstrates such a prodigious amount of talent and skill that he/she appears to be beyond human. Luca Stricagnoli is on such a level. Watching him play makes me reevaluate my worth as a human being, let alone as a guitar player.


So,what star system is this guy from then?


Fascinating in a sense of the one-man band fads of like the 1930s. I was intrigued by his double/partial capo use.

The second guitar was set up more like one with dulcimer strings with the sitar type drone strings set up, but not intended to be drone strings. That approach is interesting because it gives a guitar properties it normally doesn't have--much higher notes that one usually has to move to a mandolin to get.

It was cool and very different. I would only encourage il signore Stricagnoli to study flamenco players a little to come to better understand prudent use of guitar as a percussive instrument. (I thought that part was overly done--just one guy's opinion).


Very cool. Thanks for posting.

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