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Who loves Mod music?


Yes I love Mod music. Went into Amoeba Records in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd the other day, first time in years and what are they playing? The Jam. Felt just like home listening to them over a big sound system.

English Beat, Bad Manners, The Selector, Madness, and the list goes on.

Does anyone like The Style Council, the offshoot of The Jam with Paul Weller and Mick Talbot? I think with this band they were focusing more on the soul and R&B influence more than the ska influence and power pop.

Funny Morrissey called Paul Weller "Uncle Paul" implying Paul Weller is old and irrelevant, when in fact Morrissey is only one year younger than him. Oddly enough The Jam is an influence on Morrissey. Listen to his cover of "That's Entertainment" which is very good.

I always liked this performance. Really mellow easy going song. 27 year old Paul Weller here in The Style Council at Live Aid 1985 -


I like Weller's later solo work better than Style Council. But that's just personal taste. It was a ballsy move. The Jam were poised to increase their international popularity, which meant more money and more attention. But Weller wanted to do something different musically and so he did. I would have loved more Jam records at the time. But it was a move of great artistic integrity. He's an enormous talent, as a guitar stylist, a vocalist, and as a songwriter (both musically and as a lyricist). You'll never catch me saying anything bad about the Modfather.

Love this duet of So Sad About Us he did a few years back with Pete:


And I have always thought that this is one of the all time greatest love songs. Almost up there with Waterloo Sunset, which is really in many ways the gold standard, along with God Only Knows.

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