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Whitehorse- White Falcon Content


Any fans of Whitehorse on here? I love the tone Luke Doucet gets with his White Falcon. I wonder what amp and pedals he uses?

Add in some good songwriting and great harmonies and it ‘s a great mix.

A couple of my favorite of their videos...


Really tasteful licks. I see a Victoria in the third video.


Definitely a fan. Thanks for posting!


I love Whitehorse! Never knew he was a Gretschie


Here’s Luke Doucet chatting with Junior Brown. Great conversation about country music:


They are a husband and wife duo. Here's a great live set:


They're great. He's played a falcon as long as I can remember, I think his previous band was called Luke Doucet and the White Falcon, or something along those lines. Saw Whitehorse in a small theatre last fall...amazing.

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