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Eddie Cochran played a 6120 so now every rockabilly band has to have at least one orange guitar. But I got to wondering, as cool as everyone seems to think the White Falcon is (myself included), who played one "back in the day?" Typically when talking about Falcon players, you get Neil Young, Billy Duffy, etc. What about 50s players when the thing first came out?


No one played White Falcons back in the day. That was the '50s when the average American earned ten thousand dollars a year. Who's going to spend two thousand on a guitar?

In the '60s and '70s there were two famous guys not known for playing White Falcons who did play them: The Stones' Brian Jones and Joe Strummer of The Clash.


Brian is playing the "Annie" in that pic!

– J(ust an old Cowboy)D

Correct, sir.


There were some jazz people playing them. One lady jazz player famous in Australia


roy orbison, neil young, steven stills and johnny thunders all used white falcons



I don't think Brian Jones of the 'Stones played a Falcon. He did play a smoke green Anniversary though.


Dont know if she actually played the guitar heres two pictures of Mary Osborne with an early Falcon.


I found this picture from an Lp.


I really can't think of any '50s guys playing lead on a Falcon,except maybe Roy Orbison,and I can sort of see why.Shredding on a Falcon would have been like drag-racing a '57 Cadillac Fleetwood limousine.I've only brought mine to the gig once or twice.


Steve Marriott in the Small Faces days.

– Junior Q Man (Ryan M)

And what a gig that was. Echolette amps and Gretsch (White Falcons) seem to be a magic combination for the mod crunch sound lovers like me.


Of course, Jimmie Webster played a White Falcon.

And, while an average worker may have earned $10,000 a year, he or she did not pay $2000 for a White Falcon back in the day. $ 675 was more what the guitar cost in 1958, which was still a ton of money in those days.


I wonder what ever happened to Mary Osborne's White Falcon,it would be easy to spot with the block inlay instead of the hump feather engraved inlay normally found on early Falcons.And it has an extra inlay at the 18/19th fret.

I have to say it was Malcolm Young that got me started on the Falcon worship,then Brian ,Billy and Matthew .


Posting this from the, didn't know they played a Gretsch ,thread.

This is a very similar guitar to Mary's Falcon with the block inlay and extra inlay at the 18/19th fret,probably the same guitar,i mean ,what are the odds!

Spud Goodall.


Manassas with Stephen Stills and Chris Hillman both playing White Falcons.


David Crosby playing a White Falcon with the original Byrds.


I'm glad that someone mentioned Jimmie Webster and Mary Osborne. Wasn't Webster the guy who invented two hand tapping long before Eddie Van Halen brought it to fame?

About Joe Strummer, well yes and no. Yes he had the double cutaway Falcon but he almost didn't. Did anyone mention that Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols had the choice between the Les Paul Custom and the Falcon that Strummer had? Jones of course went with the Les Paul Custom. Had Jones gone with the Falcon you would have seen Strummer with a LP Custom and right now we'd be talking about Steve Jones being a Double Cutaway Falcon player and I'd be telling you that he had a choice between the two and chose the Falcon.

There might be a Gretsch Falcon Steve Jones model now and there would not be a Steve Jones LP nor a Strummer LP model. Funny how things happen.

What a player -

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