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While we’re on the subject…quality time with Pagey


Wow, that was fun. Thanks. Made me seek out this...


Their 'Celebration Day' performance at London's O2 was a great way for them to go out, a real high note. Compare that performance to any prior post-Zep reunion, or even those seen in 'The Song Remains The Same'. They were really tight and strong for that last show in 2007. Jason Bonham was a good fit and played in the spirit of his dad.

It did make me giggle that Jimmy still had gaffers tape covering part of the logo on his Orange amps, making them read; OR_GE.

Classic Zeppelin.

Not only were the surviving members able to focus on one show, instead of a grueling tour, they did a very smart thing in not making it about them so much, but about the man who discovered them and so many other musical legends; Ahmet Ertegun.

Even if it didn't succeed in underplaying any expectations fans may have had of the event, Led Zeppelin still took control of the spotlight and what it meant to them as a band. And they took the moment to play a tribute to an advocate of theirs, and a legend in his own right.

Celebration Day was a nice 'thanks' to the fans too. They really threw down that night, and even left us all with the only live performance of 'For Your Life', which I think is blistering;


Yep, O2 was a rare gift to the world of music from (gracefully) aging rockers - and, like Kate Bush’s series or any contemporary Deep Purple - a gig that owed nothing to nostalgia and lived up to the legend.

I love Cream, and their reunion gig was honorable, but it didn’t come up to these standards. Maybe the Creamers weren’t hungry enough to prove themselves again.

Of all the bands I had a fair shot at seeing (no way my parents were ever going to let me go Beatling when I was 10-12), I most regret not having seen Zeppelin in 72-73.


I loved the Page interview. He provided great insight and with youthful enthusiasm without any pumped-up pride or pretentiousness but rather partnering with the audience to let them in on the tasty stuff of the creativity and technical information. I really like his mentioning of Les Paul's influence on texturing and layering the recordings.

O2 was a hell of a great show. I finally saw a live recording of Zeppelin where they were tight and really more powerful because of it. I really felt Plant enjoyed it immensely.......especially due to the fact that Page's long "I'm a one man band" really was a major issue with Plant over time.

I know Plant was busy with other projects but I wonder what the full "feeling" was of the dynamic of the relationship of Page, JPJ, and Plant by this time and years later.

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