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Vince Gill seems a genuine fellow…


It seems there was an amateur songwriting contest, and part the prize was a visit with Vince Gill, who besides being a champion guitar-slinger, is also a genuine, laid-back, nice guy. This video was shot during that meet and greet, apparently in his home studio.

And the sound was, well- magical.


that's really beautiful. he has a really lovely voice...check him out on this Brian Wilson composition:


Yeah, he seems like a really cool dude that kept it traditional.


Yes, neat. But did I miss the 'remarkable' part?


"Yes, neat. But did I miss the 'remarkable' part?"

The harmony was what got me... unrehearsed, just three very talented folks harmonizing instinctively. That seems like the remarkable part.


TV and Tauna had invited me to Summer NAMM. I try to "pay my keep" by taking and posting photos during my time at an event to help promote it. Vince Gill came to the TV Jones Exhibit. I got photos of everyone with him, and he seemed happy to wait till everyone was included.

He had about three burly guys running interference for him. They all walked away. About 10 paces out, he stops, says something to one of his mates and walks back to us.

He said to me something like "you were taking all the photos; would you like one?" I was shocked--NEVER has that happened. Not only that, he had his guy take it for us.

So, yes, I think he is really truly one of the good guys, and oh can he sing and play. When I find the photo, again, I'll add it.


Having real trouble getting it to upload.


There was that time I went to Glaser’s in Nashville. I was in town for the weekend, and Joe Glaser ‘squeezed me in for a PLEK for my 6116PTV. I got to see the process and was floored by the treatment, the service and how patient Joe was with my goofy questions. He mentioned that he had bumped Vince Gill to get my guitar done in time and I was grateful and a bit flattered. A hack like me bumped Vince Gill at Glaser’s.

A year later I went to the Nashville GDP Roundup and got another guitar PLEKed at Glasers and I got the same treatment - squeezed me in at short notice and did a fantastic job. I asked Joe if he remembered my first visit and how he bumped Vince Gill to get my guitar out the door. He laughed and said he remembered and would I like to ask Vince if he remembered too.

Vince did remember. Turns out he was standing in the shop with us - we didn’t even notice he was there. He probably had a good laugh at how gobsmacked we were when we realized who he was.

Vince is a master guitar player and a genuinely great guy.

That’s my Vince Gill story.


Vince must hang at Glaser’s like it’s the clubhouse. He came in during one of my Plektatin’ visits as well. My impression matches others regarding his genuine warmth, good nature, and interest in others.

No doubt, a regular everyday good guy, without the slightest hint of diva or expectation of entitlement - just gifted with a touch of talent and brilliance beyond what most of us get, which by dint of steady hard work he’s turned into a lifetime of accomplishment.

If the world was all Vince Gills - each in our respective fields - what a place it would be, huh?

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