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U guys heard Richard Hudson play “See you in my dreams?”


ya.. I found this recording of Rich playing the parkel and the sound of it is straight KILLING me, so good. I almost had a parkel, but there was no divine circumstance around it so I remain 25L15-less. Anyway the point is his pickin and tone, listen up with good speakers or cans.. no damn laptop or smart phone.. you will miss the juicy low end and sweeeeet top end https://app.box.com/s/26y5o...


That's just elegant.


That is freaking magical! So is the tone.


That was great!

Richard is one of my favorite people. Great player and singer...and one of the nicest people you could meet.

Yeah, he may snore a bit ( we had some 3 Stooges effects going on in the Hachland dorm) but always with perfect pitch and tempo.


Perfection. And playing drums behind Richard is like putting your hand in a glove. Just a wonderful natural comfortable sense of time that guy has. And a beautiful human on top of all of it.

Dunno if it’s possible to say enough good about Richard.


We do so love Richard. His music is Heavenly.


I can sit back and listen to Richard play all day long.

Loved watching his pickin' at the KC Roundups, and he's just the nicest guy to hang with too. Can't say enough about him, and his talent.


Great rendition of a great song.


Absolutely perfect, Richard! Aside form the exquisite tone of his Gretsch through that Parkel, minus ANY extraneous effects is that when the sound is so pure, as it is here and you're out there all alone, it takes serious talent to produce a sound and performance this good......there's nowhere to hide.


thanks for posting the link. it was nice to just sit and listen to some relaxing music. and as JD brought out, seeing him play in person at the KC Roundups was a pleasure.


Richard is, most assuredly, bonafide.


I have been away for a while, and what a pleasant discovery to find such a heartwarming thread. You all are so very kind to me. Much more than I deserve. Gretsch folks are always special. Special thanks to Tavo. I really was hoping that #1 Parkel would be headed to SoCal just for you.

Many thanks to all of you. Your wonderful comments are overwhelming. Thank you very much.


After hearing that, I don't know why I even bother. I used to think I could play that tune.


This transported me to another time and place. It's either Main Street at Disneyworld or on my uncle's farm in Pennsyvania. Both places had lots of sunshine and clean air.

I love Richard Hudson's music!


Superb as always sir!


After hearing that, I don't know why I even bother. I used to think I could play that tune.

– Jim Krause

My thoughts exactly. But bravo Richard.


Listened on my monitors and bose speakers and just as I suspected - perfect. Then again, I knew what to expect having Richard's CD's etc. In the right hands, you can make a Parkel sound not so good (as any other amp). But not Richard, he's got the touch and the Parkel sings.


Yes, perfection. Can't stop listening.


I had the pleasure of hearing Richard play that tune live at CAAS a few years ago, he is a great friend and has as good a touch as anyone that I have heard, just so smooth and that elegant tone!


Good call Tavo for posting this as I heard Richard playing this but forgot about it. It's funny though that whenever a Richard Hudson tune is brought to my attention, I jump at the chance to listen. One would've though I might comment before now but have listened to it dozens of times over in the last week.

A musically gifted gentleman whose playing serves the song and we are blessed with the output.

Richard - You are an exceptional musician.


The amp does only sound as good as the guy playing through it.


Richard produces a tone from a guitar that has few equals anywhere. This is NOT because he owns nice guitars and a nice amplifier (although I know that he does) - it is because he has put long hours of hard work, spread over years, into developing his touch, and because he has an outstanding ear for tone. Lots of people own nice guitars and nice amplifiers, but few produce the velvet smooth flow of exquisite tones and nuances as he does.

I once said this directly to him, on this board, and I say it again - if you locked him in a room and gave him an old shoebox with some fishing line stretched across it, you could come back an hour later and I guarantee he'd have figured out how to get a beautiful sound out of the darned thing - his ear is THAT good.


As Proteus would say: Purdurn good!

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