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Tribute to Merle Travis CD has been officially released!!


I'm glad to say the new disc is finally out!!!


Hey now! Congratulations in getting it to the market place. Probably a lot more arduous than most of us realize.

Can't wait to hear it, Paul.

By the way, rabbit heads? Really?


Congrats!! Where can I get a copy Paul?


Great -- but where's the Merle arm on that Gretsch?


I'm really looking forward listening to it. Did you decide not to use the Chet signpost (but a RI logo) on the pickguard or did this just happen? Whose guitar is it in the picture. Can't remember seeing you with one of those.


The album can be found on iTunes or cd baby. Or if you're in Vancouver next weekend at the Rickshaw theatre for our CD release on the 25th. Fred Gretsch wanted to be part of the project so it's sponsored by Bigsby. He supplied the pic. I love Merle but not a fan of the Merle arm!!!


Great news, Paul! Thanks for another amazing collection of musicianship!


Always good to have mo'Paulpickin'!


Nice... Congrats on your release!!! Any chance that there will be a vinyl version too?


Looking forward to it sir!


Congratulations on your new release Paul.

It's on my "must buy" list.

Just took a "side trip" and found it, sampled it, and bought it, on Amazon. Very well done Paul!

I liked all of the samples. Looking forward to hearing the full length versions.

Paul on Amazon

What guitar and amp did you record with?


Looking forward to the copy that I pre-ordered on Amazon. I'm sure it'll be killer, as always.


Thanks for the heads up,am downloading site unheard,know it'll be great!

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