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Top 50 Zeppelin Songs - from Rolling Stone mag. and notes for each …


What,"Hot Dog" didn't make the cut? Piffle!

Just kidding. Such lists are always so subjective that they please few.

For me, growing up in the late '70s, Led Zeppelin was what older brothers listened to. Given a Led Zeppelin t-shirt for my birthday in 1976 by an older and much-hipper cousin, I wore it to my junior high school one day only to be accosted by another student who informed me that "You don't even know what Led Zeppelin is about!." After the fight, and a spell in the Principal's office, I went home and never wore the shirt again.

The truth was that I didn't, in fact, know what Led Zeppelin "was about." It was only later that I realized that nobody else did either. It was all just vague enough that everyone could convince themselves that they understood it.

I do know riffs and rhythms, which Led Zeppelin had in abundance, but on the whole it left me cold. "Nobody's Fault But Mine"? Give me Blind Willie Johnson's version every time - the vocals are painful to listen to, but the emotion, at least, is real.

So, like The Who, Led Zeppelin is just another band that I never "got." Perhaps if it hadn't been for all that mystical claptrap, and that darned t-shirt, things might have turned out differently.


I just finished a really fun complete play of both "Presence" and "In Through the Out Door" and forgot how much I love the songs in the album.....especially "Hot Dog", "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and "Tea For One".

I get what Edison posted about Plant's vocals. I think still really strong but compared to the first 6 albums, the "turbo charge" falls from a 10 to a 7......still powerful though

Great songs but I think the main fault of both albums is that each feels like a collection of singles vs. a direct focus or narrative that the others had....Physical Graffiti more than 1. Proteus' comment about Plant's physicality after the car accident, the fact he felt claustrophobic in the hotel basement that served as the recording studio and the 18 day super compact schedule.

I get Timthom's points above about why he might does not dig them all that much and for me, the opposite could be why I like them so much. Well, music either hits me or not and and Zep hit me big time and was sucked in.......also became a heavy listener at a really fun time in life, healing after my mom's death, spending great time with friends, and great gains on my guitar playing.

Happily, I turn to Page's "technical slop"(stolen from Proteus) as a reminder that it's OK to F-up while playing. Something to the tune of the late painter Bob Ross' way of tempering the watcher's expectations with his quote: "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Cool.....practice, play, don't try and copy the artist but rather make your own style rise to the top.

I'm as big of a fan now more than ever and being so isn't doing a darn thing to detract me from listening to new music and learning new material.

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