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Top 10 Essential Vintage Rockabilly Guitar Solos


From Guitar World:


Includes shout outs to GDPers Paul Pigat, Darrel Higham.

I haven't heard of some of the 50s guys like Joe Clay.

Despite the title, there are videos from Buzz Campbell as well as an Australian group called the Firebird Trio.


Altho I knew the players, I didn't know some of the songs.

Dudes laugh if ya want --I want to add THE GREAT George Harrison on Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby and that stinging Tennessean sound.


scotty moore on elvis is #1

influenced more future guitarists than all the rest combined...just by virtue of mass appeal

james burton on ricky nelson

roland janes on billy lee riley and jerry lee lewis

don't rate the greats!!


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