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Tommy Plays The Nine Pound Hammer


Tommy is a big, big fan of Merle Travis. The times that we have jammed together, he would pull up a chair or a stool and say, "Let's play some Travis stuff." I have commented about Tommy's showmanship and this video shows that side of him quite well along with his ability to grab hold of his audience. Here is a little pickin', a little grinnin', a little singin', some percussion and a very good display of a real pro at work.

It killed John Henry, but...



Now I'm depressed!

Thanks a pantload for posting THAT!

The guy's a wizard.


He's playing here 14 Feb----gotsta get some Tix!


Richard, doesn't Tommy have an extra mic inside of his guitars that makes the percussive stuff he does come out more?

He comes to my town each Feb., it's been a few years since I've seen him, I need to get tickets and go again. He is one performer who HAS to bee seen live to really enjoy all that he does, he is a real show man!


Tommy is an unbelievable entertainer. I would highly recommend that if the remotest of possibilities ever exist for you to see him live in concert, don't miss the opportunity. There is nothing else like him, anywhere.

Don, you're right, he does have a small condensor mic inside the guitar that he blends with the piezo under the bridge. Tommy is an amazing drummer also, and I have seen him go for several minutes with nothing but percussive sounds on his guitar. He is an entertainer. If he sees that his audience likes something, he goes for it.

Deed, thank you for the walk down memory lane. That Guitar Rag number with Tommy was special for me. He paid me one of the highest compliments I have ever been given during that number, and he did it silently. He stopped playing and allowed me to play backup to him by myself while he sang. We had a little conflict on one of the chords and he gently chided me about it afterwards, but I got the message. Luv Tommy.

That is my own arrangement of In The Garden, and it is a most settling tune for me to play.

Thank you very much.


Amazing as usual. I wonder how long his guitars last.

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