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Snagged this off local Philly Craigs List. Mint Fender Classic Player Baja 60's Tele in beautiful faded Sonic Blue (looks more off-white in my crappy photos).


Alder body, maple neck w/ nice chocolate brown rosewood board w/ med jumbo frets and 9.5 radius. Vintage style 3 barrel brass bridge saddles, Fender USA Pure Vintage '58 bridge pu and '52 neck pu. Fancy 4 way switching system. I got the case from Rondo Music (came w/ really crappy awful Fender "Deluxe" gigbag). When I have more time I'll do a full review.


Nice.. early Steve Cropper


Congrats, man... that looks like a sweet Tele, looking forward to your reviews and the 4-way switching. And let's see that baby in it's true Sonic Blue, instead of Olympic White!


That's beautiful, and I love the case! Congrats!


Congrats ,those are cool geets,i was very tempted to buy a new one last year,i usually only buy used,but the one i tried had very sharp fingerboard edges so i passed.


This photo may get a little closer to what it actually looks like. Now for the review. As I said before I snagged this off local Craig's List. The guitar had way too much relief in the neck and the action was a bit high for my taste. I did a basic set-up/string change and it was apparent why the neck had so much relief: to compensate for a nut that was actually cut too low on the low E which buzzed when not fretted when the relief was properly set. That and a case of fret sprout and off to the luthier it went. It came back from the shop with a nicely cut bone nut and flush, nicely rounded fret ends and playing great with a super straight neck and nice fast easy action. I must say that even with the 25 1/2" scale and 10's the string tension on this Tele (after a good pro set-up) feels more like a 24 3/4" scale guitar. As far as the tone goes, the 60's Baja sounds great through my deLisle Nickel Box. The Fender USA Pure Vintage '58 bridge pu has moderate output (around 7.8K) and has that fat, twangy classic vintage Tele sound that I love but it can also do blistering overdriven blues and rock just as well. The '52 neck pu also sounds good with good clarity for a Tele neck pu when you get the height dialed in. Both pu's together really shine with a twangy fat tone. The fancy 4 way switching is a nice bonus. You get the 3 classic Tele sounds (bridge; neck; bridge and neck) plus some interesting nasally out of phase sounds with the S1 switch engaged. However the secret weapon is position 4 which is both pu's in series and in phase, which yields a wide open, high output vintage Dynasonic-like Tele on steroids tone that really pushes the front end of a tube amp. Overall workmanship is very clean and while most of these 60's Baja's tend to come in on the heavy side for a Tele this one is on the lighter side at 7.5 lbs which is my preference. All in all an excellent Tele w/ some great Custom Shop features at a much more reasonable made in Mexico price. If you decide to buy one, plan on having to upgrade from the included Fender "Deluxe" Gigbag; it's crap.


Nice.. early Steve Cropper

– eCastro



Cool review - I bet she sounds great, especially on the secret weapon setting.


My favorite Tele sound is still the bridge pu and this Tele has an outstanding bridge pu that really bridges the gap between super twangy lower output and overwound Springsteen screaming Tele rock tones (all without the icepick highs). But with both pu's in series and in phase it definitely gets into high output Dyna territory but with less percussive thump and more sustain. I've had Teles before, including a USA '52 Thin Skin w/ Custom Shop Broadcaster pu's but this 60's Baja is the best sounding and most versatile of them all. I don't have a ton of use for the thinner, nasally out of phase sounds but for funk rhythm they could be excellent.

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