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Tommy Emmanuel & Daughter CAAS Duet


So, Tommy was checking out a new Gretsch at the CAAS when this happened. Link Absolutely priceless!


That's super cool. He is such a magical guitarist, and his little sidekick was gorgeous!


The little girl is so cute and the tune is really nice. Thanks for posting. Made my morning.


Future threat? We'll have to wait and see. As further proof that 'they grow up so fast', here's a picture of her with Dad (taken on 1-20-2016). She was just starting to walk back then.


What a little cutie!

Feed them and they get bigger!


What a darling little girl. Children are so precious.


Cute girl

He is playing an Electromatic - great!!


Cute girl

He is playing an Electromatic - great!!

– ChimingBell

...and my high school classmate went home with it. She asked Tommy for his opinion of it, and he told her it was a good one, and set up well. So...she bought it.

Here we are with my 6120, and her new Electromatic (only test driven by an Aussie).


...also, at CAAS, somebody was selling a hat 'Worn by Tommy Emmanuel' for $250. I think my classmate Donna got a much more collectible item.


I honestly thought you guys were really talking about his grand daughter.

Tommy is 62 I think. He has a very busy old age ahead - I wish him all the best! :)


He has already been busier than most for many years. I believe that he plays nearly 300 shows per year. And those shows are all over the globe. I just hope that the little one can keep up with him!

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