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Tommy does Williams



"Learn this song from Tommy via multi-angle videos, transcriptions (Guitar Pro, Powertab, PDF, notation)!"...Yeah, sure. 8-o


For just 3 easy payments of $19.95, you too can play just like Tommy! ;-)


Absolutely amazing! What a virtuoso.

Has anybody played one of the Maton guitars that Tommy seems to prefer? They certainly sound superb with great string balance and clarity with great response through the entire tonal spectrum.


He's sumthin' else, ain't he? Bear, I have played Tommy's guitar. And, also others of the same model. Of course Tommy's guitar has a supreme setup and plays like greased buttah. The beauty of the Matons is in the electronics, the AP Mic system. Unplugged they are so so, but when you plug them in they sound heavenly.


Yeah, I think that's why he refers to one of his Maton guitars as "The Mouse". Weak sound unplugged, but it roars when plugged in.


One little bit of trivia that some may not know is that Mason Williams, the writer of Classical Gas, was once a comedy writer for The Smothers Brothers TV show.


I remember hearing something like that years ago, but I couldn't remember what his other profession was. Thanks for the tid-bit, Richard. I guess he worked with Steve Martin, then. I wonder if they jammed?


Tommy is a Bad Muthah...Shut yo mouth! Just sayin'


One of my local shops has Matons in stock ,but i haven't had the chance to try them out yet,i need to remedy that .


Matons are his favourite guitars but as you would expect, Tommy has a number of guitars including a new Gretsch G400 Synch and a Gent. He once had a TE Sig Tele.

"Mouse 1" went missing in Amsterdam a few years ago but was returned, happily. Here's a picture; this is Mouse 1 which Tommy still uses though Mouse 2 has been retired and is in the Maton museum. H/t to Mark Baguley for the pic.


Maton guitars are superb to play in every way, shape and form. I've played less than I can count on one hand in shops and always put it down feeling like I'm not worthy of playing such a wonderful instrument.

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