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Thinking of Norm


After trying to decide what to do with a gift card I was given for my birthday, I finally got around to getting the Paul Yandell book written by our own Norm.

I miss seeing his insightful posts and will cherish and enjoy this great collection of stories and facts about one of the greats (and my main inspiration for playing) and his equally amazing sideman.


His knowledge, stories and insightful ways are missed on these pages. It’s sad the members we’ve lost over The years.

Thanks for bringing Norm to mind again.


We miss him. If there was a Chet question -- he had the answer, and was conversational on so many more things.


Great book, very well written. I never had the pleasure of knowing Norm, I met him through his writings. He seemed to be a very good man. I wish I could have been here, while he was alive. He garnered a great deal of respect and admiration from this community.


I was thinking of Norm a couple of weeks ago. when I was in extended care a TV documentary aired about Jerry Garcia. I remembered Norm's stories about him and Jerry Garcia from Jerry's early days. if I remember right, Norm got a dobro that he had helped Jerry pick out.


I think it was Jerry's, and he gave it to Norm. At the time - pre-fame for Jerry - I believe they were both teachers at Gelb's Music, and both exploring bluegrass and other acoustic roots music.

Several of us got to meet Norm at Gelb's a few years ago. It happened that several GDPeers were in the SF area at the same time, we arranged a meet-up at Gelb's, and Norm was able to make it. He was chair-bound and on oxygen, but otherwise very much his usual self. It was good to meet him.

And if I remember aright, there's an image of him in a mural on the side of Gelb's building.

My funniest memory of Norm - who was himself a stickler for detail, and with some engineering chops - is that we made a Tru-Arc to custom specs he provided...which turned out not to fit, as he'd mis-measured the post spacing. No harm done, we made the right one (which proved to have stock spacing) - and I have a unique bridge in stock that won't fit anyone's guitar. It's labeled "The Norm," and it stirs up Normal memories every time I come across it.

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