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Theoretical Beatle guitar display-


Maybe Afire can fact-check this:

Haven’t discussed Beatle guitar trivia lately but with the release of the Beatles Touring Years movie last year, I got to wondering if there were ever a display of ‘touring years’ Beatle guitars, if it would even be possible.

I am dividing this into 4 eras, and also starting once they got past the cheaper European starter guitars; 1=1961-63 Hamburg and Cavern era; 2=1964 world tours; 3= 1965 world tours; 4= 1966 world tours.

1 = Not possible: Harrison Duo Jet and Lennon Hamburg Rick still exist but Cavern bass is gone – some would argue that since the 2nd Hofner arrived partway thru ’63 that it is possible – but still not the classic Hamburg/Cavern era.

2 & 3 = Not possible: McCartney Hofner of course still exists, Lennon 2nd Rick still here, but both Harrison Gents for 1964 and Tennessean for 1965 gone, Others would say the Harrison Rick12 makes it possible.

4 = possible; The Hofner and both the Lennon and Harrison Casinos still exist.

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