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This Irish band is very exciting and they play Gretsch guitars.


Damn fine group and really young, which makes me despair that it's all pointless that I even try to play.


I've been into The Strypes for a few years now. Great band!


I've been into The Strypes for a few years now. Great band!

– BuddyHollywood



one of their first live performance.


I've been following them for a couple of years myself. Mostly on Facebook. They're a great mix of the Beatles meets Jet. Great look and sound. These kids can rock and they started out real young.




Their first album was released in 2013. I bought it during their initial promotion for it.


I saw them 3 or so years ago in London. I am very happy that there is a group this young with an orientation in what was.

But....(100% my opinion) they were lacking in the original material department. And less importantly but irksome live was the really lead guitar sound (issues to me; YMMV) was really brittle and ceramic filtertrons/solid state amp sounding.

That said, I haven't checked on them in a couple of years so by now perhaps these issues (in my view) have been corrected.


They sound pretty good, looks like they are worth looking into a bit more.


Zombie thread resurrection. I caught them live last night with about a hundred other lucky souls at a small club here in Portland. They deserve to be in bigger venues for sure. They are the whole package- young, handsome, a great stage presence, serious playing chops. They obviously have done their homework. They managed to sneak in bits from Beatles, Hendrix, Talking Heads tunes as well as a Tom Petty tribute, and a Nick Lowe cover.I certainly hope they find their audience and move onto bigger things.


Man. Talented, accomplished, seasoned in the music, great instincts, dynamic performers, good-lookin', infectious...and young.

If it was 1963, the world could be their oyster.

Best of luck to them; they clearly deserve all the success they can get. Hope their experiences don't wear them down and dull that shine - and that they can escape the ravages of the dark sides of rock & roll.


They mentioned that last night was their first time on an American stage in nearly 4 years. Pretty sure the last time they were in town they weren’t old enough to get a drink in the club they played, although all they had on stage last night was bottled water, so at least they are keeping up some professional baselines.

I was a little disappointed that the crowd was more my age than theirs. If they’re going to get big they need much younger fans!

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