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The “Peg” Solo


I have always been an avid fan of Steely Dan music. And one of my favorite songs is "Peg." Jay Graydon's guitar solo is one of the greatest and most inventive solos that I have heard. Thus, I was pleased when I stumbled upon a video of Jay demonstrating and discussing his solo. Check it out.


Ric, Great thread as this has always been one of the more fascinating solos for me. I've never tried it......not because I was intimidated by it but more that I was always just satisfied enjoying it. I also recognized it to be quite a project to learn but I'm proud to say that I always identified the beginning of it as a bend vs. sliding up.

I will revisit this gem of a recording a bit and maybe mess around with it to test myself. In my opinion it really a great solo that both serves the song and even elevates it. Great stuff!.

edit....I have to add that no, I would not have been able to figure every part of this solo out and that certainly includes what was used to produce the tones. It really is a great piece of work.


Hi Bob. Thanks for posting this -- the Dan have been my favourite band since Can't Buy A Thrill. On the Classic Albums dvd where Fagan and Becker dissect the Aja album, they highlight this solo -- and (as you might expect!) they still have all the alternative solos played by various other hot session players, all of whom seem to opt for heading up to the dusty end. Jay Graydon appears to have nailed it straight away -- great solo, great track, great album.


Great! Thanks for posting this, Bob! It really is a fantastic solo.


True innovation while making a hummable solo. Takes a great song to a different great place for a few bars, then returns your ears back to the great song again. Becker and Fagen knew what they were after and how to get it. Denny Dias’ solo on “Bodhisattva” is another fantastic piece of bop/ WTF.


He makes it look so easy!! I had to learn it about 10 years ago for a band I was in. I didn't play it that smoothly, as you can imagine.


Becker and Fagen discuss this very thing in this clip (from 4.30). Includes some of the previously discarded attempts by other players. Becker's face is subtly hilarious.


Incredible solo, one of my all time favorites! Thanks for sharing this with us, I've been a huge Steely Dan fan for many years. I'm going to need to brush up my technique to tackle this baby. Jay makes it look so easy, but we all know differently. To play this so smoothly, and in tune on the opening double bends, is top drawer playing.

EDIT : Thank you Scorpio, for posting your video, it's interesting to hear the other guitarists attempts. It really highlights Jay Graydon's cut above the rest. I can't imagine Peg with any of those other attempts.


Imagine the pressure that Jay Graydon was under to create this solo. He couldn't have had more than about two hours to listen to the song, look over the chart, and then create a solo that worked with the song. And all the while knowing Steely Dan's reputation for discarding tracks that they felt didn't really work with the song.


Thanks for posting this Bob. Very interesting info.

Aja was and still is my all time favorite album, from start to finish. What a body of work from those two.

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