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Jimmy Capps - The Man In Back


Jimmy Capps has always been one of my favorite players. I did get to chat with him briefly backstage at the Opry a few years back. Such a marvelous touch, and beautiful tone always.


Here's a tune he sat in with The Hot Club of Cowtown. It's a superb performance with Elana's dreamy voice and made even better with Jimmy's playing. He adds just the right amount of fills at just the right time, staying out of the way of Elana's incredible vocals but subtly coloring from the background. His solo perfectly matches Elana's sweet tone. Jimmy puts passion in his playing, no more so than in this vehicle. He shows how to do give his playing so much expression without having to go on a shredding 'rant'.

This tune is a throwback to the days where fine vocals and clear accompaniment meant something. It shows why so much of today's music isn't worth a dam as the standards for young peoples' popular music have sunk so low....compared to when this song was written. Although written by Gershwin in 1926, its hit it's popularity in the '40's &'50's, the era of the torch singers.

I know it makes money for the performers but sadly with the tastes today, there just isn't the song writing talent needed that there used to be.

Enjoy one of the greatest renditions of this tune, thanks in a big way to Jimmy Capps.


Saturday. Celebrating Sonny Garrish as the newest Nashville Cat.

Jimmy Capps is looking right at us (silver hair and goatee), standing next to Andrea Zahn, Lloyd Green, and Mickey Raphael. He is definitely one of the pillars of the Nashville community.

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