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The Dusty Ciggaar thread


Here's one from a new batch of uploads from a recent show. New camera angle too, unfortunately...

And I can never resist another performance of "Hank's Dream"...


Didn't we have a thread about him already? Dusty's an incredible talent and a super-nice guy, as is his brother Darryl who's on drums in the clip above.

I play the odd gig with him, I have one scheduled in the spring that's the band above + myself. Pretty humbling to be on stage with a guy almost half your age who almost wipes the floor with you.

– WB

Walter, did you ever play that spring festival with the Dry Riverbed Trio?


Yep, and have played another gig with them since! There's some video on fb I think, not on youtube that I know of.


Looks like he finally switched to a Gibson archtop (at least in all of the latest videos). I'm sure he's still got his Tele, though. Anyway, I love it, as the BK Regular was my first Gibson hollowbody many years ago.


The latest version of "Hank's Dream"

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