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The Dusty Ciggaar thread


I've been meaning to start this for awhile, but just never got around to it. Dusty Ciggaar is a young (around 26?) Dutch guitar master who specializes in American roots styles. I found out about him via a blues-themed thread on another guitar forum, and he's been a favorite ever since. He's not just a great guitarist, but a really gifted musician, not only with great chops, but with taste and imagination. Great ear, great sense of time and dynamics, great at building solos, excellent when it comes to listening and comping... just a natural musician whose joy in making music is palpable. I think he has won european awards for his blues playing, but he's convincing and enjoyable for me no matter what kind of music he's playing.

He's already been performing for about ten years. He works with two different g/b/d trios, "The Rhythm Chiefs" and "The Dry Riverbed Trio" (the latter features his brother Darryl on drums and vocals). The Rhythm Chiefs also tour with English guitarist/singer Ian Siegal. Dusty has also performed with other bands and singers, which I'll get to eventually. First, the video (by the D.R.T.) that got my attention (in a BIG way) in the first place. The song is Hank Garland's "Hank's Dream".


Didn't we have a thread about him already? Dusty's an incredible talent and a super-nice guy, as is his brother Darryl who's on drums in the clip above.

I play the odd gig with him, I have one scheduled in the spring that's the band above + myself. Pretty humbling to be on stage with a guy almost half your age who almost wipes the floor with you.


Mighty impressive. He's the kind of player who makes me consider giving up.


I loved it! Not too many notes, just good notes, all of them played with a lot of heart. That's how it should be done. Very inspiring!


Excellent stuff! I could watch and listen to that all day long!


Interesting name. Isn't there a brand of cigars called Dutch Masters?


Very talented guy, for sure. I also enjoy his guitar tone quite a bit.


Walter, you and I had an exchange not long ago in some thread, and I posted the same (above) video there, but I wasn't aware of any threads dedicated to him.

Is there any way you can arrange to get your gig with Dusty on video? I would love to see that!

Anyway, I've been watching videos with Dusty for about a year now, and there are a lot of them. I figured that if I just keep posting them here, more people (especially here in the U.S.) will discover what a great talent he is.

Here are three more versions of "Hank's Dream". None are "better" than the one above, but they're all very good, and no two are alike, which is a very (very) good thing in my humble opinion...

On this one, it follows "Act Naturally", at about 2:27 elapsed. Buckle up!!

And finally, it starts on this one at about 4 minutes in.

Much more to come, and some of it will be quite different, but I thought the contrasting versions of "Hank's Dream" was a nice place to start.


Pretty humbling to be on stage with a guy almost half your age who almost wipes the floor with you.

By the way, Walter, at the forum where I was hipped to Dusty, blues veteran Alex Schultz said basically the same thing, so you're not alone.


Ha! Alex Schultz no less! He can play guitar!

The gig I was talking about is at what's probably the biggest rockabilly fest in Belgium, and a lot of what goes on there ends up on youtube. Not that sure I want you to see me fumbling about next to Dusty though, haha!


Ah, I've seen you play, and that's not what I would call "fumbling". Sounds like you're going to have a blast, and I do hope someone uploads!

Here's one that I found not too long ago, with the other trio (The Rhythm Chiefs). This is a change of pace, really, because Darryl is featured, and Dusty doesn't even solo. It does have some vintage Guild content, though! A very nice solo- with some tasty tone, by Mr. den Haring, albeit off-camera...

And opening up the set that day, with the trio in full flight...


Dusty is great! I met him a few times, saw his gigs and he also tested the Elektra amp. I really like his tele style. Flows like a waterfall.


Great player. Might now have to find and revive that thread from a few months ago about songs you can't get out of your head.


Here's something that might not be as appealing to some of you who loved the Tele stuff, but I love this (and the other two from the same performance with Joel and Tess Gaerthe). Not only is it really good technique-wise, it's a good example of his skill and sensitivity when it comes to comping.


Swingin' with T.K. Smith...


Dusty & Darryll plus the 3x10 Elektra at the right.


Nice one, Geoff, hadn't seen that in a while.

Here's a tune that the Vaughan brothers recorded together in the 80's, but hasn't been done by many people since...

And a little bit (actually a LOT bit) of country pickin on the Tele (someone can feel free to identify the song for me)...


Vintage Rhythm Chiefs:

Joel Gaerthe featured, with Dusty's great comping:

Another one with Nona:


HOW did she not spill that wine?


Great Thread. Thanks for posting!

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