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The Day the Music Died


58 years ago today in Clearlake Iowa. Rest in peace gentlemen.


I often wonder what Buddy would've thought of, say, the Beatles, for instance. Also, how Richie would have influenced what we call rock 'n' roll today.



RIP kind sir's.


A day I will never forget..... I was a 16 year-old rock-and-roller in a garage band that did a LOT of Buddy Holly/Crickets songs as well as "Come On Let's Go", "Donna" and "LaBamba". The hews hit me like a ton of rocks.....

Rest In Peace.....


Been there, still want to see a Show at the Surf Ballroom...Bucket list.

Very sad still...


I was 14, walking out through the front gate on my way to school. The paperboy was waving a copy of that morning's Daily Mirror. He said: "Hey, look at this. Buddy Holly's dead." Not much done at school that day.

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