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Tavo and the Flat Black Thrillers!


Just bought 'Songs of Justice'

So freakin awsome! Well done Tavo! :D :D

Cara Mia is pure cool!


Yeah man! Cool stuff. And DIG the chick on the cover... ;-)

(whoops... on the cover of "Surrender at Carter's Glen")


You can never go wrong by spinning some Tavo and the Flatblack Thrillers, for sure!


Mariachi's Mourn is such a great tune (and sung quite well to boot!)


Agreed. It would be great to know what effects/pedals were used by track.


thank you very much. If we're talking about "songs of justice" that was a live album I'm not too proud of but it was heartfelt from my toes up.. I wish I'd left it in stereo but got this wild idea to run most it out of pro tools to 1/2" analog tape in mono. It pissed off the drummer and bassist something fierce.. oh well... that and since it was live I was singing through a shure beta 57 the whole album. I ran two blonde bassmans, one with dual v30s and the other with a celestion blue. I kept a Tim drive pedal on most of the time going to a boss dm-3 or a line6 dl4. For solo's I used a barber burn unit. Gretsch SSU and Spectrasonic. Acoustic guitar was a $99 takamine with a Neumann. Drum got a Blue Bottle for overheads I remember and Upright bass had an EV-RE20 mic on a GK 410. Avalon 737 and UA LA-610 mic preamps. Accordion was acoustic with a blue baby bottle and run into amp farm I think with a leslie plug in. It was all captured here in so cal, but mastered in Nashville.

The current album Surrender at Carters Glen was recorded in Nashville with Cascade Ribbon mics and shure sm-57s all fed into a vintage Akai/Roberts tube mic pre and empirical labs distressor to a vintage console that was a neve clone over to pro tools. Geoff Firebaugh played upright bass on this album with his King double bass acoustically with a Blue baby bottle and cascade ribbon mic.

All guitars, both my playing ( I used a gretsch SSLVO and Anniversary) and the tele chicken pickin done by Grant Johnson ran through a nocturne atomic brain, a boss dm-3 delay and EHX Deluxe memory boy into a nocturne Blondeshell amp to a vibroking 212 cab or tophat 212 cab. (Grant played a b-bender tele and keely compressor into my rig I mentioned) Acoustics were a taylor baby tune down and a larrivee D05. Jeremy Schulz produced the album and played kit on a vintage ludwig set.


Thanks for chiming in Tavo! I could of sworn i hear some Tremolo in there?....

I will buy Surrender at Carters Glen also ! :D


Thanks for chiming in Tavo! I could of sworn i hear some Tremolo in there?....

I will buy Surrender at Carters Glen also ! :D

– jaycemumford

oh you know I want to talk about the gear and recording stuff, thats all I've ever wanted to be part of in life but it only happens ever odd year. I got to spend a days session in nashville for a seminar on microphones and I almost decided to never go back home. :)

jayce the earlier live "songs of justice" album did have several wobblers; my Fulltone Supatrem, a grey box DOD phaser and the vibrato side of my fulltone dejavibe trying to get a big stereo sound with 2 blondes (like I said I screwed that up by going mono to tape in most of those songs)

the newer Surrender at Carters album, was what you saw in in the picture in the last post with the bottle of Dickel on the amp, it was a simple set up to not ruin the vintage mojo of that album (I didnt use that evil dano Timmy clone, i brought it to offer it to jeremy and he didnt want it but he did keep the atomic brain and the EH deluxe memory boy for barter)


I love songs of Justice, especially the Hymns. Just amazing...


I second that, Curto. That album's been my favorite since I bought it a couple of years ago.

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