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Bigbsy B5 for telecaster - why are there variations in price?


forgive me if it's been covered in previous discussions, but i can't find a resource that explains the cost variations for a bigsby b5?

i'm not talking about the licensed versions but what appears to be the same model designation has different price points. really confusing, because some appear identical but could carry a $40-$70 cost difference.

are the cost differences strictly based on metals or is there a difference in quality?



I don't want to sound cocky but I think 'free-market economy' is the answer. Several versions available for Tele, Gibson style etc. but you seem to know this. So a B5 is a B5. No different materials (except for the plating) or quality grades.


thanks, sascha!

figured that retail listings & discounted listings were the reasons for such a big delta. but the red boxes that specify guitar models are a lot misleading to the first time shopper.

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