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Speaking of great guitar duets, IMO, here’s the best.


Chet & Lenny. The opening sequence has something I've never heard before and that's harmonizing harmonics! Both get to show off and it's a real treat.

A thread a short while ago was asking about duets so this is sort of an extension of that.

When Chet played duets he enjoyed being pushed by the other player but never wanted to be outdone. He said Lenny was able to push him further than any other guitarist he played with.

Enjoy. <span class="emoticon-happy"></span>

Epic but i expected nothing less! While I was listening to this a co-worker walked by and said "I like this music!"


There is so precious little recorded music of Lenny Breau, and I have scoured for all I can find. I never like to get in discussions about better, best, etc., but, rather I like to find the uniqueness of different players and what makes them unique. Chet's style was not so much unique, but the way he played it was. I think Chet's legacy goes far beyond his playing, and more into the realm of influence. I don't think there can be any doubt that Chet was a major influence on Lenny. Conversely I don't think there can be any doubt that Lenny's real love was jazz. Jazz in such a way that I have yet to hear anyone else do, and jazz in a way that might not have happened were it not for the Chet influence. His moving bass lines were just totally mesmerizing. There was so much more that Lenny had to offer, but tragedies kept it from happening.

Thanks so much for posting, Dave.


This is still my favorite video clip of Lennie. Hard to believe that he had a weekly CBC TV show out of Winnipeg; how times have changed. Lennie was the first guitarist that I knew of who developed a pianistic concept on the guitar in a jazz context. He cited Bill Evans as the source for this, and it was certainly facilitated by his use of the thumb pick and fingers, no doubt influenced by Chet and his early experience playing country music on the road with his father and mother. The freshness of his playing on this clip is just sooooo inspiring, and influences aside, his musicality seems to transcend the instrument.


Great clips, always loved his playing.


Dave, thanks very much for posting this. Sublime. I expected two hot guitarists trying to noisily out-do each other and what I got was two musicians working to make the song sing. And they certainly did. Thanks also to Munman for bringing up the Bill Evans influence which I wasn't aware of but it comes out in this song -- a lot of space and nuance. I only have the first Lenny Breau album but it his manifesto -- two-thirds jazz and the rest was very Chet. Thanks.


Here's a show I came straight home for in those days- CBC's "Music Hop" Wednesdays from Winnipeg, fronter by local singer Ray St Germaine, and featuring Lenny Breau in the band. This looks to be an entire broadcast.

At 4:00 and change, the leader takes on a very laid-back version of a Tom Jones hit, but there's an excellent solo by Breau that starts at 4:51.

The show is typically CBC Vanilla, but the fact Lenny was on it makes it worthy of at least a glance.

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