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So…Who is the Greatest Frontman?


Back in the day...way back in the day...anyone who saw Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps live on stage said that Gene was the most electrifying performer they’d ever seen. Today’s the 47th anniversary of his death so I figured The Cat Man was worthy of inclusion in this thread.


...and it’s hard to top Col. J.D. Wilkes of the Legendary Shack Shakers as a frontman


Another great frontman is Jake Calypso. Pretty much unknown outside of Rockabilly circles but seeing Jake and his band live is quite the experience. I saw him at VLV this year and he had the crowd transfixed and eating out of his hand.


Wayne Cochran should also get mention in this thread.


I have to go with Freddy Mercury.


My vote goes to..... ...David Byrne...


No G.G. Allin fans here?


JAGGER. i am not a Stones fan but i cant believe all of you to a man n woman could think of anyone else.


No wrong answers. All great front men.

Tina rules. I saw her just a few years back on her last tour, and she still had the moves.

Any other ladies?

Chrissy Hynde?

Shirley Manson?


Patti Smith?

Pat Benatar?

– crowbone

I agree with your aforementioned... and I'll add a few more of the gal's who've kick my ass throughout the years:

Dale Bozzio Debbie Harry Tori Amos Tina Weymouth Gwen Stefani Björk


The best I have ever seen was Guy Picciotto.


James Brown. Please Please Please. If this doesn’t get you going, nothin will. Link. BTW - is this where Keef learned to hold a guitar?


In the beginning there was Bill Haley.... Also Fats Domino.


Jon Spencer!
And of course Joe Strummer and Lux Interior too!
And I like Nick45s mention of Shane MacGowan! Amazing frontman in the earlier years of the Pogues.


Sir Paul certainly knows how to work a crowd.


Robin Zander. The suit. The hair. The pipes.


Too many to choose. Mercury for sure - a Rock/Pop gold standard. Elvis, Jagger, Daltrey - yep yep yep. Turner, Bowie, Madonna, Plant, Paul Rogers are worthy considerations. JD Wilkes floored me too.

Wanna talk vocalists? Howling Wolf.


Neal Diamond, Elton John, Billy Joel, Chuck Berry, Bob Seeger.

Nobody can follow Jerry Lee. Can't forget Willie Nelson or the late, great, Johnny Cash.


Marty Stuart; Neil Young; Stephen Stills; Todd Rundgren; Peter Frampton; Phil Collins; Charlie Daniels ain't too shabby.


Phil Collins over Mick Jagger, James Brown or David Lee Roth? Now that made me laugh.


Peter Garrett

Bon Scott

Chrissie Amphlett


Tom Waits was one of the most entertaining I’ve seen.. Does he qualify as a front man?


I thought Howlin' Wolf too, Doug. We have to give a nod to Jackie Wilson and Michael Jackson, in that respect.


I love to shock, but sometimes predictable is necessary:

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