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So…Who is the Greatest Frontman?


Since we've made no headway on the greatest American Rock band, I'd like to see who you think are the best front men(or women).

It doesn't have to be a particular time in music, or genre.

Ol' Blue Eyes or Bruno Mars?

Katy Perry or Morrissey?

Iggy Pop or Madonna?

Eddie Cochran or Brian Setzer?

Weird Al or Tiny Tim?

Jello Biafra or Toby Keith?

Who makes you feel the most entertained?

Mix and match as much as you wish.

For me, because I saw him several times, and he delivered the goods every time, was David Lee Roth.

Definitely not the best singer, but, man could he get a crowd riled up and leave you entertained. It didn't hurt that he had Van Halen backing his antics.


I think David Lee Roth is a really solid choice.


I think Lux Interior deserves a nomination. (Lead singer for the cramps) crazy entertaining.


Lux would be in there for sure, but behind Iggy, IMHO.


For RnR, has to be "Mick"...

For RnB, has to be Tina Turner (who taught Mick...)


Prince. The whole package.


James Brown---Hardest Working Man in Show Business.


No wrong answers. All great front men.

Tina rules. I saw her just a few years back on her last tour, and she still had the moves.

Any other ladies?

Chrissy Hynde?

Shirley Manson?


Patti Smith?

Pat Benatar?


You love him madly, don't you?


The Killer and Little Richard had "It", as well.


I'd have to go with Freddie Mercury, he could really work a crowd. He had them in the palm of his hand at Live Aid in 1985. It was a phenomenal thing, Freddie had tens of thousands of people, doing exactly what he wanted.


Roger Daltry or Freddie, of course and Chrissy Hynde. Can't land on one but I've seen none of these live.


That was the standout performance of Live Aid, in my mind.


Chris Isaak when James Calvin Wilsey was still in the band!


Supercool in the rain made it Prince.


Not least of all because he's the only one of these contenders, my vote goes to Diamond Dave. Like crowbone says, he delivers the goods.


Robert Plant or Angus Young.


Shane MacGowan. The shuffle, the cackle, the falls — Unsurpassed!


Depeche Mode‘s Dave Gahan is a great frontman. Since more than 30 years. I rank him above many others mentioned here that are great musicians (no doubt) but very few are the whole package.

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