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So, Have You Witnessed Emi Sunshine Yet?


Emi Sunshine, along with her family band, made a stop in my little town of Ardmore last night. I told Conchieta before we went that we were going to see a future super star, and I am even more convinced after seeing and hearing her in person. Emi is only 14. Her Dad plays bass. Her uncle plays drums, and her brother plays mandolin. It's hard to categorize her music. She is from East Tennessee, and the Appalachians definitely flavor her music. She is kinda folksy, bluesy, Americanaish, country? She accompanies herself most of the time on ukulele, and she definitely puts the kick to it.

Emi took the stage at 7:30 at the Goddard Center in Ardmore, and just before 9:30 she thanked the crowd for their hospitality and support and announced her last song, that is before the encore and standing ovation. She was on stage for almost 2 hours with very little narrative, and put everything she had into every song. There were only 2 or 3 covers. The rest of them were originals by her, with the help of a co-writer on one or two only. Can you believe that? Only 14 years old and writing killer songs already. One of the covers she did was one of the Jimmie Rodgers Blue Yodels, and she fairly well belted it out, complete with all of the blue yodels. Another one was Folsom Prison Blues, that she flavored with her own kick and ukulele solo in the middle.

Two hours of hard singing, and she didn't even take a drink of water. Being 14 must be nice.

Tickets last night were $21.50, but next time I see her they will be more, I'm sure.

Take 20 minutes and enjoy Emi Sunshine.


very impressive. she has a "grown up" voice like that of a young Tanya Tucker, but different. I agree that with the right management, she's gonna go a long way.


Thanks for sharing, Richard. She's very good.

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