Miscellaneous Rumbles

Happy Birthday Adsy81


We are undoubtedly late for your birthday, what with different time zones and all, Adsy81, but I still wish you the happiest of birthdays for your big day.

Don't be a stranger around here. Come around more often and see us.


Haven't seen you in a while....hope you had a great day!!!


All the best on your birthday.


Many happy returns.


Thanks for the birthday wishes, guys! I've been missing in action a bit of late - work's been busy and then there is that thing called life.

I have a few busy months coming up as well: a move interstate in two weeks, a 7 month trip away from home and then trying to take the next step with work. And I get to spend Easter with my kids this weekend so that's got me smiling!

BUT..... I did promise myself when I graduated university that I would get myself a new guitar. It took me 15 months to do so but I finally pulled the trigger on an orange 5420 from The Guitar Lounge in Sydney and fell in love. I'm really enjoying getting into playing a semi-hollow body with an Atomic Brain in front of it.

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