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Geoff’s Incredible Prize Gallery



Strings 'n stuff from the Virtual GDP Roundup. Thanks Prot & Gretsch.

Real Gretsch Picks Assortment from the Eternal Christmas Topic. Thanks Crowbone.

To be continued...


Geoff -

You crack me up! For your own good, I think you should step away from the computer, and go get some fresh air...You're getting loopy!


Mwuahaha! You laugh now! Wait until I win again! Then look who laugh...


Have you tried the Chet strings? They are great!


Not yet, because I'm tight and my old ones still aren't completely covered in rust.

I'm curious about the extra wound one. They say it sounds more twangy.

It's euro bed time. See you guys later, or else next week with my new prize display...


I shudder to think what he's going to be like when he gets all that candy I'm sending him as his latest prize.



Wow Geoff, I wish I had more pick to send you!



Okay, I finally have found some time to show my new prizes.

Behold this Vintage Eddie Cochran Fanclub Button, that I now may guard as a keeper of the World's Cultural Heritage. I want to thank Eddie's family for donating the button and Proteus for bending the game rules in my favour.

Then there are these Nocturneabilia. Invalueable stickers, donated by Tavo Vega a.k.a. TurtoiseOnAnElectricalCableSince2002 or something quite similar. Thank you very much Tavo, for these adhesive prizes and Proteus for asking a Googleable question.

Next I'll show you my slick Gretsch Bolo Tie. I may have pulled the ends somewhat too tight. It's not easy to wear a bolo tie in the Netherlands. Over here they are either worn by male line dancers who prefer men or by people who are hostile to or disruptive of the established social order; marked by or engaging in behavior that violates accepted mores plus being antagonistic toward or disrespectful of others. Nevertheless, I am very happy that Gretsch and mr. Joe Carducci are giving me the chance to make the bolo tie more fashionable in Europe. Thank you very much.

Last but not least I want to thank Frank Giffen (a.k.a. GiffenF) and the Nestlé / Willy Wonka's Umpaloompa's for sending me a box filled with Assorted Gas Station Candy. Now I know, how it is to eat American sweets and why some people need two seats when flying. I'll publish my gourmet report now:

  1. Raisinets (please send a truckload of those)
  2. 100 Grand (nice and chewy)
  3. Crunch (we have them too, classic)
  4. Wonka Bar (it's chocolate)
  5. Butterfinger (taste depends on your appetite)
  6. Bit O Honey (could use more taste)
  7. BabyRuth (too peanutty for me)
  8. Gummy SweetTarts (interesting chemicals)
  9. Laffy Taffy (mechanically challenging)
  10. Chewy SweetTarts (uneatable)

Thank you for all of these prizes. Excuse me for winning almost everything. Robbing other people of a fair chance, is the price one has to pay for being a genius. I'm ready for the next quiz / giveaway.


Eat the candy and tighten that bolo a few more inches. THEN, we'll have our chance


Funny stuff!!!


That last photo is too much, man! I laughed my ass off!

Just be happy he didn't send you box full of assorted gas station sandwiches.


Nice work, Geoff. I'm going to show that picture to Mr. Wonka tomorrow.



Over here they are either worn by male line dancers who prefer men or by people who are hostile to or disruptive of the established social order; marked by or engaging in behavior that violates accepted mores plus being antagonistic toward or disrespectful of others.
That made me laugh in an über-tolerant Dutch kind of way (I really dig your country).

Your one weird eye (looking in as the other eye looks straight out) in the bolo tie pic made me laugh even more!

HOW on earth do you DO that?


I thank you all for the shear worship.

Redrocker, believe it or not, I can look like that. You can practice this by looking cross-eyed, and slowly turn one eye straight again. The other one will remain looking at yer nose. You can have hours of fun, especially if you let someone else evaluate your progress.

Now, the most unlikely elements have been manipulated. Both eyes have been enlarged, the face has the red component boosted, the perspective in the lower region has been bend towards the viewer and the bolo steer has been enlarged, plus the veins in my eye are composited in...


Yihaaaa! Proteus' envelopes are probably spreading happiness in humble homes all over this continent now. My bolo tie arrived yesterday. And other happy NAMM qiuz winners will surely get theirs. So, I think this could very well be a fashion statement to be reckoned with in Europe spring 2010, to everyone's amazement and surprise.

Yes, you shouldn't worry Geoff. A confident smile on your face and a few convincing chord strums on your Electromatic and all stupid prejudice regarding this (for european circumstances) somewhat exotic clothing detail will evaporate with the first wiggle of the Bigsby handle.

For myself, I definately feel strengthened in my intent to shop for a lap steel guitar. They just seem to be the perfect fit, this bolo tie and that instrument. Only a few other worries to take care of first, but then I'm as ready as I can be.

And I couldn't agree more, there is no quiz leader like Proteus when it comes to finding just the exact right level of difficulty for a contest like this. Thanks P!


Geoff, I completely forgot to thank you for your incredibly funny posts earlier. That was high class entertainment! You have a genuine talent.

And I'm sorry if It looks like I tried to hijack your thread. That was not my intention at all. I just wanted to join in with the general happy-about-surprisingly-winning-such-desirable-prizes-mood you so successfully created.


I try to remember how much you guys like the stuff – and the kick I get from funny stuff like this and the game show Photoshop job – when I'm packing, cross-referencing winnings and names and addresses, printing labels, filling out customs forms, and doing the Post Office Boooogie...

Sometimes I wonder!

Last mailing included over thirty pieces to the US, and another blue slew to the UK/Northern Ireland (10), the Netherlands (3), Sweden (3), Canada (6), Germany (2), Ireland (3), Belgium (2), China (by way of the US), Spain, Finland (3), and Australia.

But it's worth it if y'all's happy about it!


Happy beyond manic! Ngngngnggnngnnn Eeek haha.

Oh no, hurry, some mental yoga: Ooohmmmmmmmmm


Ha! I found my Prize Cabinet in the attic here. Sorry!


bump for funny pictures of a certain friend from across the pond.


Geez, how did this survive?


Bwahahaha! I remember this. From the GDP Classic Reel. Geez, 8 years ago! Thanks for the chuckle!

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