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Scotty Moore’s loss - Gail Pollock R.I.P.


Scotty's website admin reports that his long-time companion Gail Pollock passed away on November 18.

Condolences and sympathy to Scotty and to their families.


You can see their happiness in this picture. Gail and Scotty were always together, and she took such great care of him. This is terribly sad.


Condolences to him and her family. I wish him strength !!


Sorry to hear this, Condolences to all concerned.


Terrible news. I'm very sad. God bless her, and Scotty. Condolences to him and her family.


Condolences to Scotty and to Gail's family. This has to be extremely difficult for Scotty.....


Met scotty and Gail in the UK a few years back. So sad to hear of Gail's passing My heart goes out to Scotty and Gails family who will deeply miss her.


Gail was great. She was the glue that kept us all together. We still miss her. Thanks to the OP for sharing this back then.

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