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Scotty Anderson?!?!


Tremendously clean work. Notice how he gets the melody to soar above the thumbwork and harmony notes. Being this blindingly clean and still articulating every note is a rare talent!


Can we hear it on a Gretsch?

Great stuff... incredible!


Can we hear it on a Gretsch?

Great stuff... incredible!

– DCBirdMan

I thought the same thing, but didn't go there this time.....glad you did though!.....and a hollow or semi-hollowbody please.


Scotty is scary good. There are only a handful of people on the planet with that level of technique, and he's got style too.


He is something else,i only discovered him about 10 or 11 years ago myself,there's some great vids of him on the tube!


He's an incredible player. I have video DVDs I got from the Ohio Fingerstyle Guitar Club with Scotty and Bob Saxton just wowing the audience. I need to dig it out and watch again.


I find great players of any genre to be inspiring and exciting, but I must admit that watching his instructional video years ago absolutely devastated me. He is ridiculously good.


He is clearly computer generated. You've all been fooled. No human being can do that.


Every time I see Scotty play, I think the same thought: "no freakin' way!" There are a lot lof players that I love to listen to and get inspired by. There are some, however, that I try not to listen to, because they are so good, so amazing, that it makes you feel you have way too far to go to even get close to that kind of playing. Scotty Anderson is one of those players.

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