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Saw The Sadies on Friday night in LA


I've been somewhat obsessed with this band for the past couple years, so seeing them at a tiny club was like a gift from the heavens. The energy and musicianship were just incredible, and the Gretsch was in full flight. They are now heading up to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and then across Canada and finishing this tour in NYC I believe. If you get the chance, GO.


They make me wish I had a hilotron equipped Gretsch. Great band!


Love these guys. Also part reason I respect and play Hilos.


I've seen them a few times. Love them--great band. Thanks for sharing the photos.


I had never heard of these guys until I read your post. Checked them out on YouTube and I have to say I like them. Thanks for turning me on to something new.


Seen ‘em twice. Bellingham, small bar and Seattle at the Neptune. Great band.

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