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Saw Johnny A again last night


A bit of a different show this time. Completely solo. Tour is called “Just Me and My Guitars.” Johnny brought two of his sig guitars, retrofitted with P90s, each tuned differently. Played chord melody, mostly British invasion songbook of the sixties, but threw in a little Left Banke (Walk Away Renee) and Fever, originally recorded by Little Willie John, but made famous by Peggy Lee. Stones, Beatles, Hollies, Cream and Zeppelin rounded out the set.

Some songs such as Ticket to Ride were simply done - just chord melody with some effect. On other songs, he used a TC Electronic looper and a couple of Eventide H9 units for effects, including harmonizer. All of that run through an amp and DI to the house PA.


I'm envious,counting the days I finally get to see him.


I saw him perform one of those solo shows a few months ago. The venue was tiny; a local arts center that seats only about 75 people, so everyone had a great view of Johnny as he played.

He warned the audience early on, that his toe-tapping dance with loopers etc. might occasionally result in a trainwreck . . . and eventually it did!

No matter, though. Everyone had a laugh about it (including Johnny), before he dusted himself off & started over on that tune.

All in all, a fun show.


I would imagine it to be a good show.


I'm a relatively new Johnny A fan (only the last 2-3 years), would love to have seen him with his band (at least I have the DVD). I wonder if he'll ever do another album? I LOVED the first 2, but "Driven" (which I believe he played all the instruments on? And self-produced?) was not nearly as good, imo. Hey, they can't all be homeruns.

I sure would love one of those Gibson Johnny A models.... the Epi version has gotten great reviews as well.


Agree. Those Johnny A models nice.


M. Ward plays a Johnny A signature. I used to see Ward with Gretsch, but not so much since he bagan using the Johnny A


I'd love to see him - he did a stint in the Yardbirds and I would have loved to see THAT!


I'd love to see him - he did a stint in the Yardbirds and I would have loved to see THAT!

– JBGretschGuy

Just an FYI- he is no longer in the YBs. He didn't say why, they "let him go".

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