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Sadies and Neko case Gretsch content


Well that didn't seem to work. Here'sanother


Anything with Neko is fine by me.


Glorious! I'm a fan of anything Neko Case does. I also love the album that the Sadies did with John Doe.


Sweet! Kelly Hogan on backup vocals too.


Thanks for posting! The second clip of the Sadies with that '70's Tennessean twanging away is enough to dispel any doubtful thoughts about '70's Gretsches or HiLotrons. Neko usually favors tenor guitars, mostly the SG in the first clip (recently with a Smokey the Bear sticker) as well as the rarely seen tenor Duo Jet which (IIRC) can be seen on her live at Austin City Limits show.


Well that didn't seem to work. Here'sanother

– 61silverjet

man I gotta get another Tennessean -- been away too long.


Love them both!!! Just caught two nights in a row with The Sadies!! Travis played his two Tennesseans- one brown, with pickguard, real f-holes & Filtertron pickups... & the other that's in this clip above- no pickguard, reddish color, painted on f-holes & Hilotron powered!! Dallas played his Tele's (one red, the other a B-bender...) & they were AMAZING!!!


I caught them last June in a small club in Bellingham, WA . Best show I've seen in a while. I love their range. Garage fuzz rock to country standards, all done with reverence and passion. I've got video from the show, but too distorted. Travis is dripping in sweat and Dallas just cool as a cuke ripping on the tele. Catch 'em where/when ya can.

– Mr Tubs

She needs to move around a bit more in her videos......(although, she IS pretty darn good at singing without moving her lips!)

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