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Roy Orbison’s Guitar


Cool video, Polecats! Bummer about the Japanese not returning it, that had to hurt.


He confuses Club for Gent, but there's a shot of RO at .42 with a '55/6 DuoJet. And I doubt Gretsch put a Gibson neck on the Falcon, but clearly someone did. Didn't know about the disappearance of the guitar and the Guyatone connection.


Always found the over-sized steel guitar pickups interesting.

I read somewhere ages ago that it was speculated Semie Moseley (of Mosrite guitar fame) did this conversion, but I doubt it. Doesn't have his 'flair' to it.


At 3:12 on the vid you can see the gold sparkle binding; that makes it a single cut stereo WF, repainted and renecked. Wouldn't be surprised if it's in an ultra-private collection somewhere....


At that very moment, the voice-over is talking about the guitar having a "checker pattern" on the side binding instead of gold sparkle. It does look like that, or at least a little "stripey." Maybe the outer layer of binding was damaged during the refin?


A friend of mine has one of the Guyatones, in sunburst.

I'm guessing, but I wouldn't be suprised if that guitar was cobbled together at Shot Jackson's shop in Nashville. That would explain the pickups already. And we all know it doesn't take all that much for a Gretsch neck of this era to separate itself from the body..!


I remember reading a longish thread on the falcon/Gibson of his in a steel guitar forum.

the pickups as wB said are indeed steel pickups from a sho bud maybe?

the guitar has been the discussion on a variety of forums over the years. Always nice to see it resurrected.

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