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Roy Clark and Glen Campbell


Looking at videos of Roy, I found this. Pretty special.


That was -- I rarely ever use this word -- awesome! Thanks for posting.


Two of favorite guitarists, the world is a richer place because of them.


Very entertaining. I like that they both got a little beyond themselves on the big coda; makes it human.

Other than the endless 32nd-note riffing toward the end (whose velocity and accuracy generally make up for its musical pointlessness), that may be the best-sounding electric 12-string I've ever heard. Fabulous tone.

Does this mean I have to go looking for a solidbody Ovation 12? Does anyone know what model that is? All I find is Deacons.


I can't think of too many other guitarists that could keep up with those two. As fast as Roy was, Glen matches him on a 12 string. Amazing!


Two extremely gifted players gone too soon. Glenn noodling away on that 12 was simply Awesome!


Tim- you won't find one in human hands. That's a legendary "Bluebird", and I think there were only 8 made, all for Glen. And if memory serves, only four or maybe five were 12s. Production figures are not easy to find (because Ovation treated them as prototypes, I guess).

One is in the HOF, one (this one) is in private hands (a former tech of Campbell's), another was destroyed in a shipping accident, at least one stayed in Glen's collection for the rest of his days, though he seemed to stop using it and swapped over to a blue Hamer 12string at some point.

If I remember it right, the BB was acrylic over a metal frame, with the neck and electronics from a Deacon. But each was a little different from the rest, so quite literally, no two were alike.

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