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Oh yeah!


Clip from 1964 filmed in the UK by Granada:-


I assume that's the "pointy little thing." Rosetta clearly had an eye for flash. I'd have that pointy little thing in a second!


Clip from 1964 filmed in the UK by Granada:-

– Arthur

Our own Dave_K once told me he actually was at this exact show when he was slightly younger. The audience had to show up at Manchester Central station and then boarded a special train to get to this suburban place. When they arrived a guy named Muddy Waters was playing on the platform with Sister Rosetta following later. Isn't that cool?

Dave's a great fellow with tons of great (and sometimes hilarious) stories to tell.


A few years back, I taught a freshman research methods seminar at a college of public affairs at MSU. Organized it around the emergence of popular music and youth culture in post-war America. Sister Rosetta Tharp was a favorite among 'the kids'. They found her more interesting than Elvis or Buddy Holly or Chuck Berry.


Only recently discovered her, she's fantastic!

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