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RIP Lorrie Collins


Just heard about this today. She was a good one. Hoy Hoy Hoy

– fieldhdj

Thanks for the notice about this. She and Larry were ahead of their time. Sad to hear.


File that one under "didn't know she was still around". Sad to hear though. Is the brother still kick'n?


They were mentored, so to speak by the great Joe Maphis.


Yes her brother is still around. He is the one that announced she had passed.



My buddy posted this on Facebook, thought I'd share it here.

So glad photographer Jacob Blickenstaff for posting his fantastic photo. One of his many masterful portraits from the Ponderosa Stomp Foundation, taken in 2008 backstage at the House O F Blues. I have this signed photo up in my house, one of my most valued pictures. Lorrie and Larry Collins were so amazing that year backed by the genius of American music Deke Dickerson, what a treat that was!! So sad to hear that Lorrie had passed


sorry to hear

rip lc



Ironically the newest Vintage Guitar magazine has a feature on her D28 with a re-neck by Semie Moseley.

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