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R.I.P. Joao Gilberto


Legendary Brazilian guitarist/composer/vocalist Joao Gilberto passed away yesterday in Rio de Janeiro at age 88. He was profoundly influential as one of the architects of bossa nova, and his influence spread far beyond Brazil. The album he made with Stan Getz in 1963 ---as well as his other output --- had a huge influence on American and European jazz and pop music.

NY Times Obituary


My wife has been singing his songs to the baby since she was born. Today was a sad day in our house.


A genius. One of the greatest. I’m glad I saw him playing live in three occasions. Aways great. I listen to him since I was a kid and he still is a huge influence on me. His rhythm, the harmonies, the singing... I’m already working on the soundtrack for the second season of “Most Beautiful Thing” and all the nylon string guitar parts I recorded were based on him (of course...). He really put the (best of) Brazilian music in the map and influenced a great deal of musicians all around the World. Cheers to João Gilberto.


2019 is not the best of years... Sad.


This clip shows him playing . . . he looks like a gentle guy, who genuinely enjoys the music that he is making in this clip:


grew up listening to joão ...solo...and astrud with getz..herbie mann...and beyond...changed the course of music...his bossa nova affected the beatles!...his sweet voice and delicate guitar..a true giant...

check out his earliest recordings...beautiful!

rip joão gilberto



He's been an inspiration for many musicians around the world.


Beautiful music! Was great to see a clip of him playing. Have only listened to his records

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