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RIP Dave Shriver (Eddie Cochran bassist)


I had the pleasure to meet Dave Shriver! I do a free car show in Lacey Washington! Dave Played at the last two of my shows! Joe Ty brought him in to play with his band "the black top demons". You can see a few pics of him on Facebook see "Rod Fest Show"


I'm sorry to hear this. I met Dave at NAMM 2010, when he came for the introduction of the Eddie Cochran model. I happened to sit next to him during Cousin Harley's set backing up Bobby Cochran doing Eddie songs – and he was generous in telling Eddie stories.

(The rest of this post is from page 3 of the NAMM10 coverage thread)

Dave talked about being young and on fire for the music with Eddie – about their after-gig jams in hotel rooms and on buses, about Eddie's enthusiasm, perfectionism, and adventurous musicality. Dave went on to quite a career himself: he was a trained player when he took the gig with Eddie, and went on to be Trini Lopez's conductor and bassist for many years. He also played with Gene Vincent (on oldies tours), Donnie Brooks – and put in 24 years in the Olympia, WA symphony.

He continues to play actively in as many as a dozen bands in the Olympia area. Says he keeps gear in his car so he's ready at a moment's notice, and has never tired of music. Articulate, interested, and interesting, he's a model of lifelong musicianship – and the kind of player Eddie inspired.

Here he is with Joe.

Another link to our musical heritage is broken.


I met Donnie Brooks at a Car Show in Laughlin Nevada called Cool River Nites. I Came in from Washington State to help the promoter of the show. Same Promoter who started the Hot August Nights show. He was friends with Donnie Brooks an after meeting him and talking to him... Donnie told me he did the George of the Jungle Song! Chuck Berry was playing there too! I watched him but didn't get a chance to meet him.

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