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OK, at age 58, I am really trying to make some kind of progress on fingerpicking. I can do a little alternating bass with the thumb and I'm working in the other three fingers, although it ain;t happening altogether yet. In watching others play, the little finger seems to mainly be the stabilizer on the pickguard most of the time. Do you try to strictly keep the index, middle and ring fingers assigned to the G, B & E strings or do you vary from that depending on the song or notes you need to play at the time or what's most comfortable in any particular tune?

I have been inspired by the young man playing the Mr. Sandman medley on video in another thread....



Yep that medley was awesome! I'd like some info too, because I suck at anything but using a flat pick.


I usually do what you described, with pinky anchored & my other three fingers assigned to the three treble strings (or string pairs, in the case of a 12-string).

But, when needed, I occasionally shift my fingers to lower strings. For example, if a bass run requires more than just my thumb.

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