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Rick Miller appreciation thread



Just kidding. Long time no read, and this particular thread is 7 years old.

Was trying to figure out how Rick Miller runs his pedal chain (which from what I can tell is a TU-2, a Fuzz (Peachtone), a Drive (Fulltone 2), a trem (Demeter) and an MXR Micro Amp. All subject to change, and I'm recreating most of it using Nocturne pedals but curious if anyone knew what order he ran them in.


SCOTS Rick Miller? I sold him a fulldrive 2 in about 1998.

His rig is ALWAYS different every time I've seen him and I've seen him about 8 times. Supro and Danos or Flying V w/ super reverb, but sounds the same. Great player.


From everything I've read he's got a collection of everything under the sun and rotates everything pretty much in and out at will. I'm not so concerned with what he's running with now, I'm really just curious what order his pedal chain is in.

Sometimes someone will know which cuts down on my "foolin' around" time figuring it out.


Rick is one of my favorite players and a real nice guy. A total gearhead like most of us.

I've never seen him with the same rig twice, unless it's the same tour. Mostly a VibroKing or a Deluxe Reverb and a single fuzzbox of one kind or another, although he did have a Fulltone TTE for a bit when they first came out.

I've even seen him with a 6120 as his backup, though he never played it that night.


I picked up a Peach Fuzz and it's pretty damn smooth. Fulltone 2 is on the way.


The fulltone arrived today and I'm expecting to fool with it tomorrow. Also figured out why my amp burned out a power tube.

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