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Richard Smith with Chet….lost video re-posted on You Tube


I'd seen this video years ago but it had been taken down a few years back. Thankfully it was reposted last month. It's a shame the video quality is so poor but still it shows Richard playing on Chet's show in England following him playing privately for Chet that afternoon. Richard's playing speaks for itself and it shows why Chet invited him to play on his show. Keep in mind why the term prodigy applies to Richard as he's only 11 years old here!! Chet is so enthralled watching him he stops playing accompaniment and becomes a member of the audience!

Chet said later that he was the greatest player since Lenny Breau, another child prodigy, and his musical talent has just continued to grow over the past 35 years. Having moved to Nashville years ago, he's taken up the mantle left with Chet's & Jerry's passing and I picture Chet smiling every time he performs. Along with his debut performance is a video of what I consider one of if not the most difficult song I've seen him or anyone perform. How he manages to play stride piano at this complex level on guitar is simply astounding! Enjoy.


Really talented player. Thanks for posting.


Amazing player,i saw him and his brothers back in the tail end of the 90's ,i wanted to give up afterwards though!


I've seen Richard play many times at CAAS, he is a monster player, but I'm put off a little bit by his attitude, he is just a little too brash and full of himself to suit me.

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