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Not gonna post an obit but damn it all. Listen to this.


saw rtf way back at the beacon theatre nyc...they were incredible

rip chick

he's on so many great recordings



This is really sad. Chick Corea was always playing in our house when I grew up and is the main reason there’s a Fender Rhodes sitting in my living room. I’ll be playing “Crystal Silence” all day tomorrow. RIP Chick


I just read about his passing, I loved the Chick Corea groove, he will sorely missed. RIP.


We own a Yamaha Disklavier piano. It is fascinating to watch the keys being played by an Invisible Man--without a body in the way it's so interesting to note the different techniques of the different artists. Chick's method was fascinsting. I really like his music.


Sad. Huge influence here. I remember basing a music theory project in high school on La Fiesta. I wonder what rare type of cancer he had.


My Dad played him a bit when I was younger.

I really like his playing on In A Silent Way and Bitches Brew.

RIP Chick.


I got to see him at the Blue Note when I was in high school and even got to meet him briefly after the show. He was such a sweet guy. RIP, Chick.


Sad day! He had his own unique style and will be remembered forever.


Chick was a huge influence on my keyboard playing and my approach to music. I first saw him live playing with Miles shortly after Bitches Brew came out, and was a huge fan of the first Return to Forever with Flora Purim, Airto Moreira and Joe Farrell. I saw one of the first RTF gigs with Bill Connors and Lenny White, and then again with Al DiMeola. That performance remains as one of my top ten all-time favorite live shows --- the degree of interplay and connection between the four musicians was astonishing, and the music was joyous, innovative, introspective and abandoned all at once.

Nobody else played like Chick or wrote like him, and his passing leaves a huge gap in our world.

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