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Really into Paul Pigats tone lately


Thanks for your notes Mr. P, particularly the compressor settings, as I'm just at the point where I'm trying to work one into the pedal chain to see what I can get from it. I'm also encouraged to hear you're an aggressive picker, that's me in spades from all the acoustic blues stuff I learned at a much younger age. I'll be saving up some pennies for some Skype lessons, hopefully by fall.


Thanks everyone! The members here are so kind and I'm always humbled by your comments. Here's a quick rundown of what I look for. Generally single coils (but I'm not opposed to humbuckers!) and a guitar that has some acoustic properties (solid or hollow). Push the front end of the amp(a Nocturne Brain works well!) with just a hair of drive via a BOR by Zvex. Echo is lower than most but there and a touch of verb. I also use a cs2 boss compressor with the level on 10 and the sustain on 0. This seems pretty crucial to me but u can barely hear it. And I pick really hard (from years of playing crappy old silver tones). Every record has different guitars and amps. I use what's around it seems The new cd I'm finishing up is almost entirely an Ampex playback amp! Clean!!! Many thanks again. I'm honoured that someone's even listening

– paul pigat

Innnnnnnnnnnnteresting. I've never used a BOR before, what do you like about it over other OD pedals?


man this is great! yesterday driving home listening in the car, i started to come to that conclusion, that there are a few guitars at play. great stuff all around!

Can't await for the new album!!


The BOR is very easy to control from almost transparent to classic plexi. It also has the boost so u can kick he front of the amp again if u choose. Also I've had it for years and I hate shopping for pedals!!!!


I still need a copy of Jukin'...

Might Paul have a spare copy in a box somewhere?


I still need a copy of Jukin'...

Might Paul have a spare copy in a box somewhere?

– Twangmeisternyc

for what it's worth.. you can get it on iTunes :)

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