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The Java was either mush or frying bacon, depending on the channel I used it on. Now, that being said, I don't have a NMV amp that you crank; I have a Supersonic. the clean channel is pretty clean (Deluxe Reverb) and the dirty channel is dirty (Marshall). Maybe the Java just doesn't sound good into Blackface circuits? Maybe the whole "treble booster thing" is really the magic that occurs when you pair a TB and a VoxAC30? I could actually get a better May tone of of my amp all by itself, or maybe with a little tone shaping help from a tube screamer, than I could using the Java.

FWIW, the Java is heralded as one of the all-time best TBs, and not just by Dan.

"I don't know why I'm looking. "

It's just the journey. I'm not going to go out and buy a BMG Special, Vox AC30, and Rangemaster clone just to get a Brian May sound... but it's a fun sound I'd like to have access to, so if a pedal could do it, that would be cool. I think in alot of people's situations tho- people do NOT own a Red Special and a Vox AC30- a TB is not the answer.

Sort of like how some people by Tube Drivers hoping to get Eric Johnson's tone; it's not the pedal, it's the formula:

Lead tone: single coil strat bridge with the tone rolled off, Tube Driver, into a pretty cranking Marshall Plexi (and to really nail it, don't forget the Echoplex )

Rhythm tone: single coil strat bridge with the tone rolled off, into a Dallas-Arbiter fuzz face into a pretty cranked up Plexi.

BUT... a couple of companies HAVE made "Eric Johnson pedals"- pedals that simulate his FORMULA to his sound out of YOUR amp.

Mad Professor Golden Cello, Lovepedal Dover Drive, Rockett Zap, Lovepedal 200 lbs of Tone.....We need a Brain May pedal that will do that :)

What really hits me after watching that video you posted is, the PICKUPS in the Red Special. That guitar really has a unique sound, and unique capabilities (wiring) that today's guitars don't have.... I never realized how different some of his tones were on different songs until I heard him demonstrate the different pickups combinations, that was an "AHA!" moment. THAT'S the tone! Well, ONE of them anyway (in other words, he's not just a Vol on 10, TB, Vox AC30 opened up guy.) Strats are cool and all (5-position switch), and some PRS and similars with 2 HBs have coil taps and such, but I've never heard any other guitar make some of the sounds the Red Special can.

Always thought is was quite hideous looking tho, LOL. Love the colors, but the body shape, the headstock, fugly LOL


Well well well.... lookee here:

"Like a treble booster hitting AC30s"

Catalinbread Galileo


Good interview here, big questions (severe depression, contemplated suicide)


I'm deep diving this AM, lol


It has been a LONG time since I've been so fascinated by and enjoyed a GDP thread as much as this one! I've spent several hours today and yesterday reading (and rereading) and watching (and re-watching) the posts and videos.

Special THANKS to Proteus and Ruger9 for all your work, input and the videos as well as to Deed and Afire for the wonderful photos!!

This thread has prompted another donation to the GDP. Dr. May's book has been added to my Christmas wish list.

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