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Porter Johnson - Rockabilly


It does my heart good to see young guys like 17 year old Porter Johnson ripping it up on his Gretsch and keeping the Rockabilly tradition going strong. Porter’s band, with his little sister Kyndra on drums and friend Cherie on bass, are the Dixie Fried Hep Katz and are from the Shuswap/Okanagan area of British Columbia. I’m super stoked that they’re going to open for us at our next show in that area on Sept 8th. I’ve got a feeling that the Gretsch and Rockabilly world will be hearing a lot more about Porter in the very near future.


Indeed. I wish I was him at that age. He is getting really good and that video is so fricking cool. Thanks for sharing this--he also great to follow on instagram


Killer! I love the pink jacket too. It's very Elvis.


Go Cat GO!!!!!! He's got the right equipment and a very cool band.


You know, I hear opinions of sales staff in guitar shops that fewer and fewer guitars a being sold to the younger generation because they can create whatever genre they choose electronically. It's quick, post online and become a rockstar. Whatever.

This video convinces me that that not only the Rockabilly tradition, the art of performing is not dead yet. Not by a long shot.

Thanks for the post Wheelgrinder.


I know Hogman, I read that guitar sales have been down 40%, industry wide, for the past 2 decades or more. Techno music seems to be very popular with the youth, just edit a bunch of sound loops together, post it on Sound Cloud and call yourself a musician.

While I can appreciate the effort it takes, I certainly don't think looping sound bites together, qualifies someone as a musician. Whenever I see or hear young people actually playing instruments, I feel happy for them. I love seeing the energy of youth, and young bands. This young man, Porter Johnson, is very talented.

I've been greatly relieved to have found a new, very young band, called Greta Van Fleet. These four young men, 3 are brothers, are between 19 and 22 years of age and are kicking it old school. They are bringing back real 3 piece band, with a killer singer, rock music.

I've been very disappointed in pop music for the past 3 decades. It brings me hope seeing Porter Johnson and Greta Van Fleet bringing real music back to the young generation. My hope is that other young people will follow suit, and pick up the guitar again.


Well said Wade H. For those of you who would like to take a closer look at Greta Van Fleet, September 2018 issue of Vintage Guitar as a write up on them.

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